Fiona MacRaild

Aboriginal Apprenticeship in Commercial Fishing:
A Pilot Program for Our Youth

Fiona MacRaildTe Pūtea Whakatupu Trust is excited to have an amazing practitioner and leader in the fisheries industry from Canada share her journey.

Fiona MacRaild is from a Gaelic-speaking family on the Isle of Skye in the northwest of Scotland. Emigrating as a girl, she has happily made Canada her home. Being first introduced to the world of commercial fishing and seafood through her provincial government work as the Manager of Seafood Industry Development for British Columbia, she moved into an exciting career in the last few years helping First Nations' fishing and seafood companies set up thriving competitive businesses. Now partnered with Dan Claxton (her partner in life and business!), they run a business in fish buying/selling and international marketing for First Nations-owned skippers and vessels. They also offer business consulting services for individual First Nations, bands and FN-owned fishing companies.