Aboriginal Apprenticeship in Commercial Fishing:
A Pilot Program for Our Youth

Dr Ernesto SirolliTe Pūtea Whakatupu Trust is excited to have an amazing practitioner and leader in the fisheries industry from Canada share his journey.

Dan XETXATTEN (“Claxton”) is a member of Tsawout First Nation in Canada; raised by his grandmother in their native language and taught the traditional ways of the Tsawout people with a family that has sustained a strong connection to both food fishing and commercial fishing. He has been the skipper of various commercial fishing vessels (salmon, prawn, crabs, herring, clams, halibut) since he was 15 years old and has been the Fisheries Manager for his Nation for over 10 years. In a professional role he continues to be involved in the executive boards of the First Nations Fisheries Council, Goldstream River Salmon Enhancement Society, Fraser River Salmon Road Map Committee and Island Marine Working Group (ensuring First Nations have access to fish for food, social and ceremonial purposes).