Dr Ögmundur Knútsson

Ögmundur KnútssonDr. Ögmundur Knútsson is a Ph.D from the University of Edinburgh and is the Dean of the School of Business and Science at the University of Akureyri.

His main research emphasis is the fish industry - its value chain, structure and collaboration in the industry.

He has extensive practical experience within the fish industry both as a manager of companies and as a private consultant.

He is a board member of the board of the United Nation University Fisheries Training Programme (UNU-FTP) stationed in Iceland.

He is also responsible for the special program line of Management of Fisheries companies and marketing.

He has also been active in projects for the UNU-FTP including developing teaching material for short training courses in Project cycle management for managers of institutions of the Ministry of fisheries (in Sri Lanka in 2007), working with UNU-FTP and Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CFRM) in developing courses in leadership in fisheries and in Malaysia in developing course material in “A Performance Management and Leadership Program”.