Dave Springgate

Wira GardinerDavid "Iraillii" Springgate is the Senior Vice President of Operations and the Chief Performance Officer for NANA Development Corporation. Mr. Springgate serves on the senior leadership team and is responsible for strategic planning, business start-ups, geographical expansion, business process improvement, capital planning, acquisitions and integration for all of the NANA portfolio of companies.

During his business career, Mr. Springgate has led or participated in more than $20 billion (USD) of successful corporate acquisitions and integrations. Mr. Springgate has held management positions with global industry leaders in the life science, pharmaceutical, facilities management, and Big 4 Management Consulting sectors. He has over 20 years of corporate leadership experience as a company president, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, and chief information officer. Springgate earned his degree in business administration in finance and accounting from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.